Carson Hocevar to Participate in Berlin Raceway’s Outlaw Late Model Division

Carson Hocevar in an Outlaw Late Model

Carson Hocevar was racing Quarter Midgets when he was just six years old. After winning 15 United States Auto Club championships, he’s now taking the first steps in the next leg of his journey: stock car racing. With his impressive history, reputation for possessing raw talent and the help of a collection of local supporters, Hocevar’s ultimate dream is to compete in NASCAR.

One of Hocevar’s local supporters is Grand Rapids native Johnny Benson Jr. As a two-time NASCAR champion, his support will go a long way towards helping Hocevar achieve his dreams. Through Benson, the young racer secured a position in Berlin Raceway’s Outlaw Late Model division, though the event was cancelled on account of rain.

Benson, who had no intention of racing this year, immediately changed his mind after seeing Hocevar test. According to him, during “the second test, the kid was saying I want to drive this car. What I saw is the reason that I'm doing it. I don't want to do all the travel anymore, but what I've seen out of him, I really want to do this.”

With that kind of support, combined with the support of his parents Scott and Amy, Hocevar is poised to take the leap. In fact, he did have an opportunity to practice over the weekend, before the rains, and qualified his No. 14 Benson Late Model by turning a lap of 15.247. From Quarter Midget championships to Outlaw Late Model races, Hocevar’s NASCAR dreams may be another stop on the roadway, as long as he keeps driving forward.

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