Johnny Benson Discusses Carson Hocevar and Life After NASCAR

Carson Hocevar at Berlin Raceway

Ray Dunlap recently sat down with Johnny Benson to discuss his life after NASCAR. After a brief discussion of watersports and Frisbee golfing, Benson talked about his most recent work with Carson Hocevar.

Refusing to take it easy on the 12-year-old driver, Benson insisted on treating him like any other driver in training. “I’m not going to teach him to be cautious,“ he said, “but I’m not going to teach him to be aggressive.” Benson credits Hocevar’s success to his ability to listen, take direction and apply the knowledge that he’s been given.

Expressing incredulity at Hocevar’s age, Dunlap pressed Benson for more details. Benson insisted that Hocevar’s consistency and ability to trust in his advisors were separated him from other competitors of his age. In short, Benson is confident that, with training, the young driver can learn “what it takes” to succeed in the industry.

Watch the full interview here.

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