Carson Hocevar Breaks CRA Track Record in Super Late Model Main Race at Berlin Raceway

CRA Racing

This may not seem like that big of a deal. Records are broken all of the time, right? Well, this time the CRA Racing track record was broken by Carson Hocevar at only 13 years old. For 2016, Hocevar and his team wanted to race stock cars and place in the top 10 which happened right away, then it was the top 5 which they did, and finally they wanted to win which they were able to do at Berlin Raceway. Breaking the CRA track record was just the icing on the cake and Hocevar could not have been happier.

After his victory started making some headlines, NASCAR took notice and told Berlin, Hocevar, and his team that he was too young to compete at NASCAR sanctioned tracks which Berlin had recently become during the offseason. Bursley who is a co-owner of team KBR, which invited Hocevar to be on their team and race one of their Super Late Models this year, was shocked by the decision. Hocevar had been racing at Berlin for a year and Bursley was under the impression that NASCAR had okayed Hocevar so long as Berlin took responsibility for his insurance.

Despite this setback Hocevar continued to race on non-sanctioned tracks throughout the season. For the 2017 season, Hocevar will be 14 and able to race stock cars at Berlin and other NASCAR sanctioned tracks. When asked what his goals are Hocevar said, "I have the same goal as when I talked to you in Victory Lane a couple of weeks ago. My biggest goal is to be in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, but I still have to climb my way there. Luckily, I have a great group of Berlin supporters, fans and KBR Development.”

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